In My Travel Bag

Last year, I took approximately 30 trips. All of varying lengths to varying destinations. 27 of those were for work. The rest were for fun. I spent time in Florida, Seattle, New York, West Virginia, South Dakota, Montana, Minnesota, Southern California, Tucson and that’s where I sorta lose count. But basically – those are widely varying climates, which can really wreak havoc on your skincare routine.

Speaking of, somewhere after 35, my skincare routine stopped working. I’ve always been VERY religious about washing my face and moisturizing, but that’s sort of where it started and stopped. I started to see an esthetician and do lots of research on brands and products (hint: beautypedia is awesome). I thought I had oily/combination skin. Wrong. It’s dry and sensitive.

So after lots of trial and error, my skin and I are back to a good place. A few weeks ago, the checker at Whole Foods asked for my ID because he thought I was in my mid-twenties. Praise be.

This week, I’m flying to LA for a short work trip, but that’s a lot of travel time, which means a lot of dry air. And on Thursday, Brian and I are flying to Paris (!!!!!) for a two-week European adventure. More on that later. But first, here are my latest go-tos for happy skin on the go – all of which come in travel (or small) sizes, so they are perfectly packable in your carry-on.

  1. Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray: Perfect for an in-flight burst of hydration, to set your makeup, or as a first step after the shower. This immediately calms my dry skin and makes a nice base for the rest of my routine.
  2. Skinceuticals C.E. Ferulic: Man, this stuff is expensive. I was using Drunk Elephant C-Firma and recently switched because I had heard glowing reviews. I *think* it’s working? I can’t give it a rave review yet because, while I think my skin is looking much healthier these days, I don’t know that this can take the full credit. But basically vitamin C is awesome for brightening and evening skin tone.
  3. Peter Thomas Roth Hyaluronic Cloud Cream: Hyaluronic Acid is a game-changer for me and anyone else with dry skin. In non-scientific terms, just a little bit of it has like a zillion times more moisture than a drop of water. Or something. This stuff feels amazing and is so hydrating and soothing.
  4. Stratia Fortify Oil: I have no idea what magic is in this, but I always travel with it because the bottle is very travel-friendly, it’s budget-friendly (so I don’t panic about losing it, dropping it, etc.), and a few drops mixed in with the Cloud Cream adds even more hydration. I’m obsessed with this indie brand’s Liquid Gold moisturizer (convinced it may actually be liquid gold) and use it daily when I’m at home.
  5. Clinique Take The Day Off Wipes: I usually use the balm and my first nightly cleanse to remove makeup, but I am alllll about anything that doesn’t count as a liquid in my carry-on. (Yes, carry on. Checking a bag is a sin.) These remove all traces of makeup and are pretty handy for nearly any travel situation.
  6. Skinceuticals H.A. Intensifier: If I could make love to any skincare product, this would be it. When my esthetician introduced me to this, it changed everything for my (at the time) winter skin. I’m not sure that I’ll need it once the warmer North Carolina temps and humidity kick in, but for now, still using this daily. It has banished all dry, flakey winter skin.
  7. Clinique Liquid Mild Facial Soap: This is so gentle and I use it daily. The travel size version will for sure be coming with me this week.
  8. Dr. Jart Cicapair: Much like the C.E. Ferulic, this is a well-known “HG” product. I’m still figuring out how much of it I need, but what I do know is it for sure balances out any redness in my skin and does a pretty good job as a primer. I’m finding it a little heavy, so trying to determine how I can get it to still balance me out without making it look like I have eighty layers of makeup on. The SPF is an added bonus.
  9. Peter Thomas Roth Un-Wrinkle Eye Cream: The price tag is hefty, but I bought it during a Sephora VIB Rouge sale (#justification) after getting a mini-facial in-store while in Vegas. Basically there were a lot of things working against my judgement. But I’ve been using it pretty religiously and I feel like my crows feet are minimal, so I guess it’s working?
  10. Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturizer: This isn’t my favorite moisturizer, but it comes in a travel-friendly size and is fragrance-free and light, yet moisturizing enough for just about any situation. So in the quart-size bag it goes.

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