About Me

I spent most of my twenties wandering aimlessly, blogging, drinking and dancing and generally just trying to figure it all out.

I’m now in my late thirties and I still haven’t figured it all out.

I grew up in Northern California, lived in LA for 11 tumultuous months, took a this-is-a-very-long-story detour to Wichita, Kansas, met my husband, Brian, in Kansas City, which we called home for 8 years, and now we live in Durham, North Carolina.

Somehow the aimlessness of my twenties led me to my dream job in my thirties and I put all of those blogging and social media skills to good use and made a career out of it. I am currently the head of social media for a global apparel brand.

I love traveling, cooking, shopping, eating, drinking, gardening, decorating and watching Bravo or true crime documentaries. I try to find balance thanks to Peloton (primarily cycling + yoga). I refuse to ever do a burpee or a mountain climber as an adult human.

We have two pugs – Rory and Murphy. Before we moved to North Carolina, we were about to become foster parents. We’ll resume that journey shortly.

I’m at my best when I’m sitting in the sun with a glass of sauvignon blanc in my hand.

Questions? Email me.